From owning my own dog (an English Cocker Spaniel) to running the campus’ equestrian society, animals and their welfare have always been a large part of my daily life.

In 2013 I started reading Zoology at the University of Exeter, taking great interest in the study of animal behaviour, whilst keeping up with the much needed animal contact by volunteering at the local donkey sanctuary. During summer 2015 I worked as a Field Assistant for Wildlife Sense, a Sea Turtle conservation programme, where I co-led a team of volunteers to protect nests and collect data from nesting females.

I am currently working at an Equestrian Boarding School and have been offered a place to study MSc Applied Animal behaviour and Welfare at the University of Edinburgh in September.

Thank you for taking an interest in The Subject of Animal Welfare, I hope you enjoy my posts! If you have any questions, thoughts, or ideas for future posts, please leave a comment on my page.