Copy and Paste

In a couple of weeks time, I will heading up to Scotland to start my Masters in Animal Behaviour and Welfare. Edinburgh University has its fair share of notable alumni, including Robert Louis Stevenson (Author of Treasure Island and The Three Muskateers and many others), Dr Robert Knox (better known as the man who dissected … More Copy and Paste

Clearing the Course

With Badminton in full swing, thousands of people will be ascending on the South Gloucestershire area to watch horse and rider partnerships take on the 30-fence cross country course, tackling oxers, water jumps and Trakehners. The event is also broadcast on National television, with many more spectators watching from the comfort of their home. With … More Clearing the Course

Monkey Business

When we think about people keeping wild animals as pets, we usually think back to a weird daytime TV programme about the American family living with a tiger in their back yard. We rarely think of wild animals being kept as pets in the UK, but sadly this isn’t the case. Wild Futures, a charity … More Monkey Business

An Enriching Idea

Zoos often divide opinions. Some argue they are important tools for conservation, aiding endangered species with dedicated breeding programmes and inspiring a new generation of wildlife enthusiasts, while some believe they are purely for entertainment and the money spent on new attractions should be used to fund in-situ conservation. However, whatever your opinion about zoos, I … More An Enriching Idea