Clearing the Course

With Badminton in full swing, thousands of people will be ascending on the South Gloucestershire area to watch horse and rider partnerships take on the 30-fence cross country course, tackling oxers, water jumps and Trakehners. The event is also broadcast on National television, with many more spectators watching from the comfort of their home. With … More Clearing the Course

Monkey Business

When we think about people keeping wild animals as pets, we usually think back to a weird daytime TV programme about the American family living with a tiger in their back yard. We rarely think of wild animals being kept as pets in the UK, but sadly this isn’t the case. Wild Futures, a charity … More Monkey Business

An Enriching Idea

Zoos often divide opinions. Some argue they are important tools for conservation, aiding endangered species with dedicated breeding programmes and inspiring a new generation of wildlife enthusiasts, while some believe they are purely for entertainment and the money spent on new attractions should be used to fund in-situ conservation. However, whatever your opinion about zoos, I … More An Enriching Idea

The B Word

Look around a rescue shelter, and it will be almost certain that one of the first dogs you see will be a bull breed. Dog shelters are being over run with these dogs; on the RSPCA website alone, there are over 150 Staffordshire Bull Terriers. Combine this with the number of cross-breeds resembling staffies and the statistics … More The B Word